A Children's Television Project

Treeples follows the adventures of everyday girls joining forces with a group of lively forest creatures to rid the woods of monsters. 

This 21-minute TV show stars humans and live puppets in a forest world. It is designed for children ages 5-9. 

Each episode follows a human girl as she confronts an issue at school. When she tries to run away from the problem, she finds a portal to the woods where she meets the “Treeples.”

Below: Treeples Character Art 2014

The Treeples are three female creatures who spend their days ridding the forest of monsters. Our hero helps the Treeples defeat the monster, a manifestation of the issue she faces in her own life. By conquering the monster, every girl can clear the woods, and face any problem she encounters. 

Below: "Lana" approaches the portal from her school to the Treeples' Woods

Screenshot from the 2016 pilot episode. "Lana's Voice" 

Treeples is Sarah Nolen's Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Project in the Puppet Arts Program at the University of Connecticut. 

With the help of UConn students, faculty & staff, Sarah wrote, directed, built puppets for and filmed the pilot episode of this pilot in May 2015. Post production took place until November of 2015, and the project premiered at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. After the film festivals, Sarah is using the pilot of Treeples as a pitch for a Children's Television Series.  

Photo from the Slamdance Premiere in Park City, Utah

This project is an exciting culmination of Sarah's film & TV experience, interest in educational entertainment, as well as her puppet work. 

She started quite young. 

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Here you can find information on the process, photos of the work, and updates on the production. 


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