Treeples Updates

Weekly Updates on the Progress of my MFA Project, "Treeples!"

Concept, Research and Script Process

Once Upon a Time,

Sarah Nolen knew she wanted to do a TV show for her MFA Project. And she knew that she wanted it to be a show that empowered girls. And she knew it should be with puppets.

"What Girls Need" Chart

So this picture is one of the humble beginnings. It was a chart I drew up of what "Girls Need." Looking at it now, it's more of a "Lessons girls need more of" chart. But it helped me to really think of all the different themes and teachings that I think could be stronger in children's media. 

Another chart I made was in considering the different stereotypes of boys and girls. After making this chart for myself, I read a study done by the Geena Davis Foundation called "Equity or Eye Candy: Exploring the Nature of Sex-Roles in Children's Television Programming," which complimented the idea of a show just for girls, infusing media with more female roles for children to "choose from" rather than stereotypical behaviors.  

Thus began the idea of having three friends who obey no social-gender rules. I want the show to reside in a world of unruly play, where silliness can lead to carefree delight, which ultimately leads to self-control and confidence.