Treeples Updates

Weekly Updates on the Progress of my MFA Project, "Treeples!"

Location Scouting

At the beginning of the semester, I was able to do a lot of location scouts before it got to below 50º outside! For the pilot, I'm on the look out for a couple of woodsy-areas:

1) A clearing in the woods

2) An area for the Treeples' "Hovel"

3) A place to fight the Monster

Here are some of my findings:


Roadrunner & Nipmuck Trail - 9/6/2014


Mansfield Hollow - 9/8/2014


Woods of a Friend - 9/9/2014


Storrs Adventure Park - 9/14/2014

This place has great potential for the "Hovel" of the three Treeples. This is where the Treeples tell the Girl the legend of the Monster. 

I'm still searching for some distinct spots, but I have a feeling Connecticut will definitely provide.