Touring Shows

Touring Shows

Below are some of the solo and group shows that I have available on tour. While I am based out of the Boston area, I am available to travel throughout the Northeast. Bring me into your next festival, party or event!


The Fairy Tailor

Magical beings are known for their great sense of fashion. But who stitches together all of their stories? Meet the Fairy Tailor, hard at work in her enchanted shop. Watch as everyday garments become extraordinary characters, and share stories of bravery, from “Little Red Riding Hood(ie),” to “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” With the audience’s help, the Fairy Tailor summons the courage to take a stand against a giant, crafting a solution that combines cleverness with creativity. This colorful, interactive production is guaranteed to inspire audiences of all ages. 

Recommended for all ages 4 and up. Length: 50 minutes. 

"The Fairy Tailor" is a solo show premiered in February of 2018. It was completed through Puppet Showplace Theater's Incubator Program. 


Lisa the Wise

When Lisa, a brave young girl with a heart of gold, meets Baba Yaga, the most famous witch in the woods, an epic battle of wits ensues. Dancing houses, enchanted dolls, and hilarious "ghost servants" bring this classic Russian fairy tale to life with a contemporary twist. Imaginative shadow puppetry lights the way in this hilariously spooky story about the experiences that make us wise.

Recommended for ages 4 and up. Shadow puppets. Length: 40 minutes. 

Word Play.jpg

Word Play

"Word Play" uses clowning and puppetry to take audiences on an adventure through the alphabet. Words come to life in the hands of two skilled performers, who clown around with sounds and letters to create dozens of interactive characters and imaginative scenes. Audiences can make friends with vowels, teach tricks to a “C-A-T” and “D-O-G,” and visit a whole ZOO full of surprises. It’s the perfect blend of education and entertainment—a play on words, literally!

Recommended for ages 3 and up. Length: 45 minutes. Also available in shorter versions and with live music.